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Jens J Hucke

Fingerboard options

There are many choices available to musicians when considering fingerboards. You will find plenty of lively debate on tonewoods that is fun to read but here we will cover the more practical aspects of guitar fingerboard selection. Aesthethics might guide you to prefer...

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Quartersawn or Flatsawn

  If you do research into guitar building you soon realize the great emphasis put on quartersawn woods for necks. Like many others, I prefer quartersawn timber when building necks. But is this historical assertion true? While looking for alternative wood materials I...

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Parts supplies and resources

We all need a little helping hand sometimes, so here is a full list of suppliers that may come in handy. Tonetech Luthier Supplies Co-founded by Dan Mc Phearson whom I have known and worked with at various times over the last 20 years and Bill Quinn, Tonetech has...

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British Pickups roundup

Over the last few years, choices of pickups have greatly increased. Afew decades ago, if you didn't like your OEM pickup then really themain alternative was Americain brands like DiMarzio or Seymour Duncan,with EMG and Lace joining the party as technology widened the...

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