In January 2020, it became apparent that one of the main walls of our workshop had to be rebuilt. Just a “small” job but everything had to be boxed up. Not great timimg.  It got scheduled and was undertaken just as talk of a virus started to dominate the news cycle. Lockdown arrived. Then, 2020 just became one of the strangest years I can recall. Everything ground to a halt. I mainly stayed in the house, or in our garden and we learned how to homeschool. Tragedy hit many people, some close to us. My thoughts are with all those whose lives have been affected by these unimaginable events. By Spring, we put our house on the market, and we had moved by the end of July, luckily not too far.  Priorities and necessities made us take some very strange turns this year and I am very grateful to family, friends and customers who have been so supportive. I took the opportunity to design and start on a small guitar for my progeny which I hope to finish for Christmas so he can start guitar lessons in January 2021. The best thing in 2020 has been spending so much time with my wife and son, a true silver lining. With only some 8 weeks left before the end of the year, I am now back spending more time in the workshop, getting that new wall painted that we had built, and finishing some great commissioned project guitars as well as working on some stock guitars for 2021. Let’s all wish each other a couple of fantastic months.