Established as Guitar Maker in 1991

The original London based workshop where Jens J Hucke built his first commercial guitars opened in the early nineties in Battersea SW4.

Guitars made in England

Mailling Address : Hucke Guitars
Unit 1, Netherwood Farm, Abbots Bromley Rd, Hoar Cross DE13 8RA
United kingdom

We aim to design and manufacture world class instruments and do our utmost to provide you with the guitar of your dreams. Our intimate knowledge of our products can assist you in your goal to making that perfect match. Ultimately we want you to be totaly satisfied and we will give you our honest advice and guidance. Many years dealing with guitar players has taught us the importance of mutual respect and understanding in order to achieve the best results and a long term relationship with repeat customers.

High Quality, Ethically Sourced Materials

Your Satisfaction is our Ultimate Goal

Honest Prices

Hucke Guitars is the home of “Guitar Craftology ™”. We combine lessons learned as custom instrument makers designing and building bespoke instruments with the experience gained manufacturing hundreds of guitars in a production environment. Bringing these two aspects together, Hucke Guitars offer a new vision in contemporary electric guitar making.

Guitar Craftology™ is synonymous with:

  • An individual product of quality
  • Modern Tooling to aid and improve but not replace the craft of an artisan
  • Making desirable yet affordable unique instruments
  • Freedom to create, experiment and innovate

If only I knew then, what I know now…

Jens J Hucke started his professional career as a Guitar Maker in 1991 in a small workshop in London. It’s been 30+ years of learning.


I am proud to be a full member of the MIA and a Support Member of The European Guitar Builders.

Jens Hucke